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Jane Eleanor Nicholas

Jane Eleanor Nicholas

Jackson, MO


Thank you so much for visiting. I have given Fine Art America and Pixels.com permission to print my copyrighted photographs seen here.

LIke many, I started with film when I was very young. I was the one who came home from summer camp with rolls of film to develop. As I grew so did my interest in photography. In 2005 I made the switch to digital, although I still revert to film on occasion. Learning about my subjects and how to capture their unique beauty is a never ending journey and part of the joy of photography. There is always something new to learn. Whether it is techniques and ideas from the masters of the past, or the recent experiments by my friends and mentors, I relish every opportunity to absorb it. I marvel at the beautiful art that I see being created everyday, and it inspires me to continue to work and expand my experiences. I hope you enjoy what I am doing as much as I do. Life is so short and precious. Take care and have fun.

She opened Jane Eleanor Photography in Dec. 2010 after retiring from her job in conservation. Jane’s photographs have been part of two traveling exhibits for the National Wildlife Refuge system. They have been chosen for inclusion in five Missouri Natural Events Calendars, including the cover of the 2011 edition. They are being used for plant I.D. signs in native plant demonstration gardens across Missouri, and in conservation education programs. Jane’s photographs and cards are for sale in a local gallery as well as here on Fine Art America.

P.S. My talented son is also on FAA at: http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/jeremy-nicholas.html and on pixels.com


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